My review of Step Brothers

(disclaimer: I have nothing against Americans or America)

I decided last night for some unknown reason, that since it has been on my hard drive for the best part of two years, that I would watch step brothers.

Why on earth from the warning signs I had noticed it being an American laugh fest. Why did I not heed them but went ahead and wasted an hour or so of my life.

It is shocking what utter tripe can pass for comedy these days. The shocking thing about it is I’ve heard real people, not Americans, refer to this film as hilarious.

When? The scene where two people are crying because their family is breaking up. Or where sibling rivalry near on causes murder and burial alive?

Where on earth did the funny part happen maybe I was to busy recovering from cringing at some other terrible part of this heap of crap, cringed and and missed it.

I smiled when a dog bit the main characters. That was the sum of my happy emotions towards this garbled mess of of fart and sex jokes. I like these kind of jokes but so poorly delivered and put together I felt the un controlable urge to skip ahead to see if anything would happen. Nothing did.

Sit and pick at your own ring piece sniffing regularly and this would give you the same amount of enjoyment and cringing as this film.