"People say they hate ignorance, but I love mine. It gives me the infinite opportunity to learn absorb become knowledgeable. Then go be ignorant about something else."

— Peter James Norman the Bard of Northampton UK 2013 to 2014

Baring mechanical failures, turbulent weather and terrorist acts, Tweedy said, an aircraft travelling at the speed of sound may be the last refuge of gracious living and civilised manners known to man.

Don Delillo - White Noise

"… Can you imagine the world of 2010 a.d.? of course the way it will look will depend a lot on what is done with the Bomb. I suppose men will still eat eggs for breakfast, have sex problems. write poetry. commit suicide."

— Notes of a dirty old man - Charles Bukowski

Robert Anton Wilson The Illuminatus trilogy

Robert Anton Wilson The Illuminatus trilogy

"Love like theirs will always find a way. It’ll crawl all up over you and drain your body fluids, poisoning you slowly until you pass out."

— Jake - Adventure time